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  1. muzzer

    Forester 2.5 XTen 2007

    *** SOLD Pending Completion ***
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to sell my 2007 Forester 2.5 XTen. This is the top spec version with central locking, alarm and immobiliser, climate control, heated leather seats, large electric sunroof, electric windows all round, electric heated mirrors with indicators, HID headlights with washers and self-levelling supension, fog lights, alloy 17" wheels, sat-nav etc. etc. The car is in very good condition for the year, with a low mileage of only 88800, full service history, a new MOT will be supplied. Manuals, handbook and two keyfobs supplied. All tyres are in good condition with loads of tread left, two have only done 1000 miles or so. The exhaust has been replaced with a full stainless Hayward and Scott system (turbo-back with two sports cats - middle cat replaced last year, passes MOT emmissions test and not too loud:-) ) This car has been mapped to produce 270BHP I have replaced the original rubbish stereo with a double-DIN touch screen DVD/MP3/CD player with reversing camera (camera needs to be connected). I have also replaced the original out-of-date and clunky sat nav with a decent touch screen Garmin unit. There was a towbar fitted when I got the car - this has been removed, but can be supplied if required - the towbar electrics are still present. There is a slight car park ding on the nearside rear quarter panel, otherwise the car is clean and straight. I have had the car for three years, and I am only selling because the car gets very little use due to my job. It has only done about 7000 miles since I bought it, and only a couple of thousand in the last two years! More info. and photos can be supplied upon request. Offers around £3000
  3. muzzer

    Foerester 2007 Xen Mirror problem

    There's another good article here Mods please excuse the link to a foreign forum, please delete if against the rules ;-)
  4. muzzer

    Foerester 2007 Xen Mirror problem

    You could try OBD2 as you might get lucky, but these types of faults don't usually show up there. There's a huge link on here As to which one to try - I have used the cheap bluetooth dongles you see on fleabay with the Torque app on my phone, but this is a bit hit and miss. The best way I've found is with one of these usb adapters and running FreeSSM You need to use the right drivers for the dongle, but you get much more consistent results and more information. Google is your friend :-)
  5. muzzer

    Forester dilemma

    I'm in Portsmouth, got a 2007 2.5XTen. Would be happy for you to have a look aound it if you like, working out the country at the moment but should be back in a week or two.
  6. muzzer

    Foerester 2007 Xen Mirror problem

    I've had more than a few electrical gremlins on mine. First was the battery not charging, then the "drive by wire" accelerator pedal not working. Luckily the car was under warranty from the place I had bought it from, both problems were fixed (eventually) by them. Wiring problems was the cause in both aparently, no more info than that. Yours sounds like an immobiliser fault - you probably have a Sigma M30 alarm fitted like mine. If you have just one button on the key and a flashing LED below the speedometer it's most likely the same. You may also have a keypad in a pull-down tray below the fog light switches. You probably know already, but just in case you don't - the immobiliser arms automatically 30 seconds after you turn the ignition on if you don't start the car. The LED turns on steady to show it's immobilsed, if this happens press the button on the key to start. I've got the alarm manuals if you are missing them. HTH Steve
  7. muzzer

    Foerester 2007 Xen Mirror problem

    Hi, I doubt if this is going to be much help, the offside mirror on my XTen also does this, but anyway........ I've stripped the mirror down, and the cause seems to be the mirror mount itself has been damaged at some point, probably by being hit. As far as I can work out, the motorised folding mechanism works by sensing when the mirror has reached the stop point, but where the stop has been over-stressed it just carries on until the mirror is flat against the door frame. I didn't get any further with this, as it would have required stripping the door down to remove the whole mirror mount. My bodge-it-and-run fix was to cut one of the wires feeding the motor Ok, the mirror doesn't fold anymore, but at least it stays in a useable position! BTW, a new mirror is nearly £400 so I have been looking for a second hand one for over a year now, no luck so far. If you happen to find a drivers side one for your Forester let me know if the offside one is available too! Cheers
  8. muzzer

    Sat Nav in forester 2.5xt

    Hi, I got !Removed! off with mine too - maps out of date, very slow, kept defaulting to Belgium for some reason. I removed the original display and the DVD drive/box in the glovebox and fitted a Garmin Nuvi 65. It fits nicely with a bit of fetling, used the windscreen suction cup stuck to a bracket I made from a bent piece of aluminium araldited to the top of the original satnav pod. Fitted a cigar lighter in-line plug to the original display's cable and used the original Garmin car charger. It switches on and off with the ignition and works MUCH better than the original. Got a load of space back in my glovebox too :-) HTH Steve
  9. muzzer

    Owners Manual

    HI Blick999, welocome to the wonderful world of Subaru :-) Mine's a 2009 2.5XT, but I've got the keypad fitted. It's for the Sigma alarm, mine's an M30, but I imagine most of the functions are similar. Have a look here
  10. muzzer

    Can an auto Forester turbo be mapped?

    Not really sure, I don't keep tabs on my mpg much. I guess it does just under 30mpg on long runs if I keep my foot off the loud pedal. Drops drastically when I boot it though Certainly a lot more responsive than it was though - makes me wish it was a manual sometimes
  11. muzzer

    Can an auto Forester turbo be mapped?

    I had my 2.5 XTeN Auto remapped by Duncan from RaceDynamix. 276 rwbhp :P Only mods are K&N filter and a H&S sports cat exhaust system. So your answer is YES
  12. Happy Birthday muzzer!

  13. muzzer

    Door mirrors

    If you find any let me know! I've been looking for a replacement nearside one for my 2007 XTEn for 6 months now They're £350 new from Subaru !!!!!
  14. muzzer

    FORESTER 2.5 XT 2008

    Mine's a 2007 2.5 XTEn , I haven't had the air valve problem (touch wood) but my n/s mirror does the 'spin all the way round' trick. A replacement is about 400 quid aparently I took it apart but the mounting seems to be damaged so I just cut the wire to the motor - no more movement!
  15. Thanks Stanton500, it's a fly-by-wire model. It's going back to the garage today (again) so hopefully they'll find something, though I'm not holding my breath. Perhaps I should insist they farm it out to an authorised Subaru dealership for repair :P