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2004 Outback exhaust system

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Hi everyone, I've just bought a 2004 Outback, I'm really happy with the general condition (so far, fingers crossed) but the exhaust needs replacing. It's difficult to get an idea about pricing by looking on the web, and thb I'm a bit scared that's going to be an expensive one. Can anyone recommend a good place to look? I'm based in SW London but I don't mind a few hours journey to get a nice job done. Am I looking at more then 500 quid for a full system? Another thread was mentioning Longlife systems. I think I'll try to find something in that direction. Thanks to everyone and it's exciting to be part if this community! Finally. Eric.

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First off, welcome to the club! Get some pics up of the outback. We love a pic here [emoji4]

In regards to exhaust, have you considered looking for a second hand unit? I have an impreza but I paid just £100 for a turbo back stainless steel pipe. That included a decat downpipe. There are bargains out there. [emoji5] [emoji106]

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Gerlach germany do alu-steel cat back system for 2.5 & 3.0 outback/legacy for about £120 for the parts (includes gaskets etc).

Not bad quality for money as have used them myself (3yr warranty I think). Just buy system yourself & check/measure it looks right & matches what ordered then pop into a decent local independent garage, should be fitted well in under 2hrs .

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