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Hello all, finally got round to introduction.

Big Dav

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As the title says, i have finally got around to introducing myself, i only joined last august...lol

My names Dav and i own Subaru Impreza Terzo, No:195, i bought her last year in sorry to say, less than amazing condition mechanically (turbo shot, ignition system failing, gearbox whining) with a wallet full of bogus reciepts showing lots of upgrades claimimg 295bhp......mmmmm..righty then, still, i bought her as a project as the bodywork was stunning (1 small rust bubble the size of a hole in a polo mint??? or something like that. 

Since then she's had lots of love and folding stuff thrown at her with the magical touch of Duncan @ Race Dynamix and now she runs like a stallion on methanphetamin....crazy!!!

Anyway, im from Banbury so if anyone else is floating about on weekends let me know,

Cheers troops

Big Dav

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I had to go down a couple of times when I was arranging 'Remembering Richard' Richard Burns memorial day back in 2010.


Jackie gave me a guided tour around the workshops, can't believe how clean they were



Can't believe Richard Burns died nearly 10 years ago (25th November)

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