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Hi guys,

New to the forum..... Also new to subaru's.... Just brought my first one.

2006 WRX with the PPP upgrade pack fitted

So all advice will be welcome, tuning....up keep....do's and don't.....

Apart from the Prodrive upgrade pack it is stock, so any advice on what I might need to add for the best

Thanks guys

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Hello & welcome, most important is to warm it up properly before giving it the beans, regular service intervals should be adhered to apart from that the are fairly robust, most importantly enjoy [emoji38]

We're all friendly here and there's a wealth of knowledge so just have a good poke around and I'm sure you'll pick up loads of good info/tips for your model, when you have a min post up some pics

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Hi mate

Welcome to the club


always warm up before giving it beans (to warm up properly just drive steady and up to 3k rpm, this warms up all parts. Some say to start it up and leave it running for 10 mins to warm up, but that only makes the engine hot, it doesn't warm up the brakes/tyres/turbo.) think of a footballer warming up, do they sit in an electric blanket to warm up, or do they move around/stretch and jog to warm up all their body and muscles?


always use 'super' fuel, preferably 99 ron (Shell nitro or tesco momentum)

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