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Subaru Impreza GT advice

pole drift

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Hi Guys,

I'm hoping you can give me some advice. I have a 2002 Impreza 2L non turbo sohc.

The car hasn't been running right for a while, I done a compression test on the engine and here was the results.

1. 150 psi

2. 165 psi

3. 200 psi

4. 200 psi

Now my mechanic reckons that its possible that the engine could have burnt a valve.

While the engine is out of the car, is there any performance mod's I can do while the engine is stripped?



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It depends how much you want to spend really.

Maybe a port and polish of your heads would gain you something? I wouldn't say there's any point in having forged rods and Pistons etc put in.

Could be a good idea to get the block apart completely and put some ACL (or something similar) bearings in the bottom end- it's one less thing to worry about in the future.

I've been looking into parallel fuel set ups- can be made with your existing rails or you can buy shiny bits that bolt on instead.

It's also a good chance to get everything cleaned up and looking pretty again- painting your inlet manifold and rocker covers, stuff like that?

Speaking of rocker covers- get proper Subaru gaskets, they're not that much more expensive and will save you having to have the job done again!

Hope this helps/makes sense! Best of luck

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Thanks Sam, I know the car is 13 years old but I don't believe in just scrapping a car and its probably one of the comfiest cars iv had so I would like to save it if possible. It might be a good excuse to give the car an overall freshen up all over.

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