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A few Impreza electrical Issues

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Hi all, recently purchased a 2000 reg Subaru Impreza 2000 turbo and it has a few electrical faults I would like to sort. I am not very mechanical so need plenty of help.

1. Electric mirrors only move up and down on both sides. No side to side. I assume the switch is wrong so have ordered another from eBay but have no idea how to fit it.

2. Rear window wiper does not work. I have replaced the fuse but still does not work. No idea what to do next.

3. Stereo is original however does not work on passenger side or passenger side rear. Only sound comes from drivers side speakers. Again, no idea what to check.

I would prefer to do what I can myself and would appreciate any help with any of these issues. Thanks.

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Mirror switch will just pop out ,use a thin flat bladed screw driver with a couple of layers of insulation tape wrapped around it ,so you don't mark the dash 

Have you replaced the wiper relay as well as the fuse ?

if you dont have a multi meter use a 12v bulb in a holder attach 1 wire to a bolt at attached to the bodywork (earth it ) and poke the other wire into the plug that connects to the wiper to see if your getting power to it . It's probably unlikely that the motor has broken and more likely to be a wiring/ earthing fault or relay /fuse issue

As for speakers I'd start by checking the connections on the back of the head unit

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Many thanks for your advise. No I did not try the relay, would be a great start though!! Are relays easy to get hold off? Are they just standard from Halfords, no special sort of thing.

I have a multi meter but need to learn to use it. Have the basics I think so will you tube how to use for make sure.

I will have a look at the back of the Stereo, how do I get the head unit out?

I know super simple stuff and lots of questions but please bare with me. For a 31 year old fella pretty embarrassing having so little knowledge but really do appreciate the advice. Many thanks.

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Well I replaced the mirror switch and they work fine now which is good.

I cannot seem to find the relay for rear wiper.

Below is a pic of my engine compartment relays. Not sure which one or where it is to check or change. Thanks.



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Could be in the boot, not sure about impreza 's also have you had an explore in the fuse box under the dash ?

By your right knee as you look at steering wheel there's a drop down coin holder/cubby box, pull it right off and there's another fuse board there

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I might have sent you on a goose chase as I just assumed the rear wash wipe had a relay (maybe give it a google)

If not try looking at the plug for corrosion on the terminals and check if your getting power to it

Both of my classics have had a aftermarket head unit so I just had to remove the trim that goes around the centre console and use the removal keys to get the head unit out of the cage

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Well figured out why the rear washer is not working well. Had a good look around and wondered why the boot was a bit wet. Looked at the tube from the body to tailgate and that was fine. Then removed the o/s light access door and it was soaked inside. Not good for lights!!! Anyway, was doing this in the dark so cant see where the leak is yet but it looks like somewhere along that tube. Not looked under the car yet as have a bad back.

At least I have an idea now. Still no clue on the rear wiper itself though. Not sure if to change the relay now I have found it. It clicks on and off so not sure if that means its working.

Appreciate all the help.

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Well I found the reason why the rear washer was not working well. There is a split in the tube, it is where the tube goes into the tailgate. No idea how to change it though, does not look like it can be repaired as split all the way around and hanging on only just.

Not at home at the moment to check but would this tube be ok?


Reference the rear wiper not working I thought I would try replacing the relay located n/s rear near under light cluster. Problem is I cant get it out. Wife has tried with smaller hands and it will not budge. Is there some knack to it?

Slowly figuring things out.

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