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Newbie needs help choosing Forester model


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Just joined the forum.

At the moment I own a Landrover Defender Td5.

With all the hype on diesel emmissions. emmission zones ( I live in Leicester which wants to become the cleanest city in the UK and ban any diesels from the city)


I use my Landrover to tow my caravan both here and on the continent


I think the time may have come where I need to swop to a petrol equivalent to my Defender. Subaru Foresters always seem to get a good write up and reviews.


So my ideal spec would be  Petrol   

                                           1750kg towing capacity.

                                           4 Wheel Drive (Need not be permanent)

                                            Diff lock

                                           Low range gear box


                                            £ 5-8K

The question is, Is there a model that meets all or most of these requirements?



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Hello & welcome, not sure to be honest Mr b is your best bet for an answer, all subaru's are 4wd and you should see that kind of mpg return it's the locking diffs and low range that's stumped me, I know the older models have low range but couldn't say on newer specs, anyway feel free to nosey round were all friendly here and I'm sure somone will be over soon to answer your questions

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Thanks for the replies.


I have never had to think about towing weights as the Defenders capacity is 3.5 tonnes. Also no problem with spares. Are spares available and cheap or do you have to pay a lot. I do my own mechanaching  so are they easy to work on? 

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2.0 litre is rated at 1500kg tow & 2.5 litre 2000kg.

non turbo has low range, turbos do not & 2.5L was only turbo (XT) in uk market.

4wd is permanent & a very good system with a proper true viscous centre diff & LSD rear diff so need of diff locks is not really needed in most scenarios.

Spares can be bit expensive but the majority of run of the mill parts are about average in cost & available from local parts factors or specialists like ICP & also you don't normally need fix them much as they are above average in reliability.

I think your biggest issue will be towing weight & missing the torque of the TD5.

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