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5-6 conversion

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Well I've purchased a 2001 wrx bug and I'm wanting to change the gearbox from a 5 speed box to a 6 speed box.

I've heard of it being done but have no clue on how to find the right one or what else I might need to change.

Any help is very grateful, cheers guys [emoji106]

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Usually you need to change your prop, rear diff and drive shafts if I remember rightly. Quite often you can buy everything you need as a set from a car that's being broken. It's an expensive process though.

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6 speed conversion kit will cost about £1.5k + fitting + new clutch, might as well fit a new uprated clutch while the box is off [emoji6]

If you didn't swallow your own tongue at the price here's what I suggest.

Look on your current 5 speed box bell housing (near the starter motor) for a white sticker with a code starting with ty***

Google the impreza ty*** code to find the gearbox and rear diff ratio

If you can find a 6 speed with the same ratio as the current 5 speed the minimum you'd need to buy (cheapest option) would be ....

6 speed box (same ratio)

6 speed cradle

6 speed prop

6 speed gear linkage,stick and knob

As the 5 speed


Clutch slave


Starter motor

Speedo sensor

Front Drive shafts

Rear diff (if the same ratio)

Are all compatable although I chose to run the 6 speed flywheel, clutch, slave and starter motor ,mainly as they were 10 yrs newer and came in the kit [emoji6]

Mattyb (reputable breaker) will probably have what you need in stock let me know if you're definitely still interested and I'll point him in your direction bud

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Just been to Richard Henrys (Scooby specialist) in Bradford and he's told me I can put a uk sti 6speed box straight on as it is a direct match. However I will need the prop shaft for it and the clutch will also fit, luckily my click is almost new ;)

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Google the ty number anyways bud cos if it's had a gearbox change before sombody might have put a shorter ratio box and diff in. (If it's a standard UK box it will be a 3.5.4 ratio)

You will need the other bits I mentioned as well (cradle ,prop,gearstick ect)

Yeah that's mattyb ' s firm won't go wrong with his bits bud [emoji5]

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