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Clunk / Thud / Scrape Sound...

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Hello, I haven't been on for a while!
I've just come back from a  1000 mile road trip around Scotland (pictures should be up soon)
Nearly back to Blackpool I noticed a thud sound from the back as I change down into second gear? When I reverse I getting a horrible grinding sound occasionally too.
Again when changing down in to second I can hear a grinding and a horrible grind / rev sound?

Excuse the wonderful car noise explanations...

I've taken it to CotComp and he's had a look but couldn't get the car to make the noise. He looked at my discs and said that they could probably to with replacing as the corrosion will be a lot worse inside.

But again today I got the horrible thud occasionally and reversing it did the scratchy grinding sound that sounded like bad engine revs....

Any ideas?

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That was my thoughts too.
I'm going to wait till next pay cheque and get CotComp to do a gearbox and diff oil change... See if there's any metal shards in the old diff oil.
How much am I looking at for a new diff?
Plus, looks like I'll be getting a brake upgrade if not :)

Thanks guys :)

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