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Enduring solutions ( esl boards for 99/00)


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perfectly capable for a near standard car to be mapped though, (decat, panel filter) once it goes beyond that i'd be wanting to go afterkarket ecu anyway.


personaly i;d just go the extra mile for a syvecs though

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Depends when you dig into it mate, i asked pat that very question and while it does the same things, it does it in a different way which isn't ideal.


Bit like the difference between a syvecs and alcatek, while broad strokes they do the same thing when you dig down into the spec and such they are very different.


as always its cost vs features/performance, its why syvecs isn't cheap

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i believe 9 of the 10 22b.com subarus and all 10 of the r35's were running syvecs at ten of the best this year. bit of an accolade that lol


apparently they are in most of the top tuner cars out there now, mikee's drag car, and f's drag car, even gobstopper 2 is now running one. and that doesnt include allt he lambo's, r8's etc that now have them

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