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Bugeye gx issues


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Hi all...... First time post!

Just picked up an impreza, it had a decat pipe fitted, I've since fitted a cat into it and removed the decat pipe, I've also removed the tape which was covering the engine light!

The light went off but soon came back on, I've got fault codes as 02 sensor number 2 malfunction and knock sensor signal large ? I presume the decat pipe ruined the 02 sensor, I'm going to replace this soon, although the knock sensor fault is worrying! Could it be related to bad 02? Or two seperate issues?

Also my other problem is the central locking.... The remote key will lock the car no trouble but when I press unlock it unlocks but instantly relocks itself?? Anybody come across this?

Many thanks in advance for any help!

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Hello the knock sensors are known to go wonky so a replacement should sort that out, as for the O2 sensor not sure about yours but most have two one pre cat and the other post cat.

I take it the alarm is the sigma factory unit ?

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Hi.... It's coming up as the second 02 sensor yes, the one just after the cat, I've pulled the knock out but cannot see any visible damage, I will just replace the both sensors I guess, 02 one first.

The sigma has been disconnected from what I can see , it has a hidden keypad but no light lit up on it, and no alarm fob just the subaru key with two buttons?


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