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Should I or Shouldn't I


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I have seen a 1998 Impreza saloon ( non turbo ), only 80k miles, mainly subaru history, currently owned my mechanic and mot tester who will sell it to me with 12 months mot for.....£650


He say there is no rust, nothing wrong with the car, gold alloys..just needs the paint freshening up


so...should I or shouldnt I


I am 50+ so so worry with insurance, and only 3k miles a year



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he certainly sounds genuine, my only concern is that he has only had it three months and says he needs the money for with his kiddie...it just always seem to strike alarm bells with me.. .and its over 4 hours away so I would have to buy on his word and not see it !

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You could end up spending as much on recovery if it breaks down on the way home! My mate is an Audi apprentice trained time served mechanic, mot tester and motor industry approved member or whatever it is, and I would not trust him to sell a decent 2nd hand motor... Let alone work on one lol. Just because someone is a mechanic, doesn't mean he's any good!

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Take your time in finding the right car and if you read what happened to my son in another thread you'll be extra cautious.


There are loads of good cars around and some are fairly cheap, so you should get lucky. Patience is the key.




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