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Rear Roll bar drop link rod replace

Squire Subaru

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After getting quote for £100 each side for genuine subaru Rear anti roll bar drop links i bought a couple of Merle ones which seem OK. Anyone used and em or fitted the drop link rods ? 


is it just a jack up wheel off job ? or is the whole suspension going to drop ?

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Meyle is good drop links.

is dead easy fit.

soaking nuts on old ones for few days before removing may make things simpler

simple do on ramps, jacked up evenly on stands etc.

Price you got quoted is ridiculous.

new drop links are only 10-15 £ each & 30 minutes labour .

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I left the car on the ground, and undid the links

replaced them and tightened... in all the biggest b*ggerance, was the rears not having an allen key lock feature in the top.

I had to remore the ARB to get the little blighter to let go


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