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New Impreza Owner - Advice Needed


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Hi All,


I have just purchased a 51 plate Subaru Impreza Sportwagon which I cannot wait to get on the road! It was purchased as a small project from my next door neighbour who has had it sitting in his drive for the last year as the the front subframe needs replaced...it is beyond any weld repair! (I appreciate that this isn't a small job  :D ) and wanted to get some advice.  


I am sourcing a second hand frame which looks to be in good nick so wanted to know of any potential issues i might come across or generally any advice that could be offered by folks far more experienced than I.


I will get a picture up soon.


Thanks in advance





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Hi there we have a few guys on the forum that might know better with the classic shape. I can't see there being any issues if its like for like or around the same year the Subaru is pretty versatile across the years :D   

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Thanks for the replies!


Its the bug eye model (but has the cluster upgrade).  I don't think it is an engine out job but suspension etc will all need to come out.  I think camber and wheel alignment will need to be set up again once the new frame is in.


I haven't had a chance to look yet but are there any basic performance or bodywork upgrades I can do.  It has a new stainless steel exhaust that is a couple of years old but apart from that i believe its standard.



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How basic do you mean ?

A remap will release loads more torque and hp plus you'll get better fuel economy, depends on how much you want to spend,

If that's not within budget i'd recomend changing the rubbish oem plastic droplinks front and rear, with some metal ones and maybe a thicker rear anti roll bar to aid turn in

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