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Bit o' smoke

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So I've got a couple of questions as I'm new to owning an impreza.I've bought a 51 plate bugeye with a 160,000 ish on the clock she's a bit.rough but shes goes great. However I have an issue that I hope isn't to bad when it's warm and sat on tic over it blows a little bit of smoke however it's not there when your driving about in it and the other question I ask is what parts do I need to get my car up to round about 300 bhp

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Hello & welcome, 1st off what colour is the smoke ? And has it been remapped ? If it's been mapped then it will more than likely be a excess fuel specially if there's no cats in place,

If it's blue it more than likely to be the turbo oil seals weeping,

As for the 300bhp goal the stock wrx turbo will run out of puff around 270. so td05 or equivalent vf trubo sports cat or de catted exhaust system, uprated fuel pump and a remap will be able to hit around 320bhp.

Fon't expect much change from 1000-1500

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could be or turbo seals, etc etc.


basicly oil is getting somewhere it shouldn't be, given the mileage i wouldn't be surprised if it needed an engine refresh, my type r's engine was pretty much worn out at 104k and while prob been driven harder than yours milage still does the same thing.

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