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Will wheels fit?


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I looked at doing the same with my legacy... But when i came down to it, I'd have needed the best part of 200 quid for another set of alloys, then maybe another few hundred if they needed refurbing. So i figured its easier just to get them changed over twice a year. Albeit a pain in the !Removed!.

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I was planning to put an odd set on, different backs and fronts but couldnt bring myself to do it.

I managed to find a pair of wheels that are almost identical to whats on it. They are now my winter fronts and the rears I just had tryes swapped over.

I use Event Tyres to do all mine, new or swapping, they come to house or work. It takes all the hassle out of it and they charge £20 per wheel if your swapping.

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Thanks for the replies all, I bought a cracking set for £60 last night and can get them refurbished for £160 including fitting my new tyres so it's worth doing. Particularly as as was said here, it costs £20 a wheel to change over twice a year, they're paid for in just 1 year and I can swap them over myself then.

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I have a set of five 17" alloys shod with Dunlop Winter Sport 3D  tyres that I acquired to use on my 2005 Forester 2.5 XT. Glad that I held on to them when selling the Forester.



I hope to fit these to my Spec B Legacy later this month assuming that they will fit, should do.



The Forester alloys have some of the seemingly obligatory peeling. Not too bad but they could do with being shot blasted and powder coated but would cost @ £200 for all 5 unless someone can recommend a cheaper offer than £40 per wheel. :)



May be a better idea to have the 18" alloys from the Legacy treated over the winter as they also have peeling syndrome.



Good Luck.


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