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FS: A lot of parts for Impreza WRX STI 2.5 2002-2007 Hawkeye


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I have a lot of parts for Impreza WRX STI 2.5 2002-2007 Hawkeye. I had 3 damaged cars and build one together. No car had more then 50k miles.

I have to much parts to list it here so whatever you need just send me a message.

I also selling this parts on eBay, but I dont know is I can copy link here. Anyway I am form EU, but I can send worldwide and you pay with PayPal.

Any question just ask.

Best regards.

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I'm after a few bits pal, both front wheel arch liners, engine undertray, and depending on colour and price, front bumper including the 3 grilles and headlight jets, also after a set of standard wheels to slap winter tyres on- again depends on price

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I have just the rims. The cheapest option is 4 like this:




just in gold color. One was repaired. All for for 270GBP all together with shipping and PayPal fees. Let me know what you think.

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I have:


- cylinder heads (from car that was on fire, so they have to be cleaned)

- Seats

- Engine (without turbos)

- 6 Gear gearbox with DCCD (broken housing)

 - catalyst

- Original rear STI muffler

- Diff 3,54 ratio

- speedometers

- broken headlights

- AC compressor

- prop shafts / drive shafts





A lot of parts and a lot of great parts, because like I said all car were under 50k miles. I think 2 cars had about 30k miles and 1 had about 40k miles. I think I had this parts 8-9 years at my storage.


And a lot of smaller parts, like some engine parts, interior,,....



Bigger parts I can only send to Europa.

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18 hours ago, rich__88 said:


I'm looking for a UK Hawkeye STI Instrument cluster, Red light up clocks with Sweep on start up.
Needs to be in MPH.

Do you have one?


I have one cluster in MPH from US car. If you send me you mail on kristjanzorz1991@gmail.com I can send you photos.

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