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New battery time - any recommendations?


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I fear my Battery is needing change, its not completely dead, but is stuggling to keep up on datk rainy days. So rather than get stranded I'll replace. Does anyone know what size? and any recommendations before I just head to Halfords? The car is 2007 3.0R


Also is there any special precautions I need to take when changing the Battery - the last car I changes the Battery on was a Morgan, with a CVH carb engine - so no electronic systems to worry about





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Buy locally from motor factors, make sure buy one with 3 or 4yr warranty.

keeping receipt & using local supplier means it easy make most of warranty .

think your Battery model is 005 but look on your Battery & see if can see a code number.

Banner or Yuasa brand is my favourite these days, we get very little issue on those & use them for most Battery jobs we done over last 8yrs.

Cost is indeed around £70 region I expect .

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worse case scenario is radio code pending on what radio you got.

also don't leave keys in car with door shut, some alarms & some scenarios can lock doors when power reconnected, then you locked out & trying find your spare key .

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