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Induction Kit?


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I'm looking to change my standard air intake for an after market one i was wondering what would be the best option for my 2004 wrx. would a full after market system like the typhoon cold air feed be worth the price for the performance or would i be best off just fitting a K&N panel filter or mushroom filter?


Any tips or information would be very appreciated.



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Stants is right, a decent dry panel filter replacement and retaining the stock feed is probably the best.  I use a Ramair foam panel filter.


If you fancy trying it, Ive got a used mesh Zero Sports cone filter you can try.  Bought it for mine but the bolt pattern is wider on the Leggy.  Should bolt straight on to your maf.  Not sure on the result though but you'll get some mad induction noise.  £25 delivered.




Doesn't have the bracket.

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when i bought my blob it had one these fitted 


about £300 for it,complete waste money power wise,i did not like the look of it so took it off and bought a £20 cone filter off eBay


their was no diffrence in power at all,so as said get a good panel filter,unless you want the looks and noise the induction kit makes.also if you watch mighty car mods on you tube they do a test which shows that the oe filter actually is best for the car,i have a perrin panel in my hatch,to be honest their was no diffrence in car to when it had original in,


i still have the kn in man cave somewere  ;)



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