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Sebastien loeb evo

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Anyone played the Demo. And what did you think to it. ?



For me awful game I know some of you must be thinking I work for Codemasters now lol.


But the handling for me didn't feel good at all feels slow too. The sound was terrible of the cars, I will have another go at it but for me this is a £15 game tops. Dirt Rally still isn't far away either for console release. The only good bit about the game is the test drive section just blasting around that for me was best part of the demo. :(


Milestone who have made it used to do the WRC games so wasn't expecting massive improvements from early footage did look like it had managed to make a good game of it something I thought might be as good as the Early Colin McRae rally games or even the Richard Burns game that IMHO is now 2nd place of best rally games made.    

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I played the demo as well and I'm glad it feels rubbish :). I'm waiting for Dirt Rally to come out on the xbox, so excited even if it is the exact same game lol.


One thing that my partner pointed out is that the co-driver isn't annoying compared to the WRC co-driver.

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I'll be buy dirt rally on xbox too lol. I did hope this might have been playable to give me a console rally game though why I wait.

I know what you mean about the Co driver. But don't the cars sound !Removed! in it.

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