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  1. Always had a soft spot for these but as above I've only ever had nothing but trouble with anything French! 😂 Shes nice though should make a nippy track toy!
  2. Damaged gears? Or maybe even something wrapped around one of the driveshafts? Bit of an odd one
  3. Welcome! Any pics?😁 P1 has to be my favourite scoob of all!
  4. If you've done all that work in one lump that's a hell of an upgrade, I'd say you'll definately need a map
  5. From what I understand, the early sti' were classed as WRX but with the STI upgrades done post production, so may not show up on the like of wiki and the vehicle documents but could still be an STI not too sure about the wiper and arial part though, mines a 1998 STI import and mine has the arial on the rear quarter and has a rear wiper hope this helps I'm sure someone else will know exactly what the crack is with the early classics
  6. Ahh haha yea I imagine so, I assume yours would also be de restricted too? Quite like the look of this clock as it looks like standard apart from its got the mph on too
  7. Hi guys, to get my car through its MOT over here I need a mph lit up on the dash and as the JDM STI doesn't have one I've bought the dial face off Lockwood international. Just been looking for videos of it on the tube but can't find a classic Impreza specific one, anyone done the conversion? How difficult is it? Anything to watch out for? from the videos I've seen of other cars seems that's there's quite a bit more to it than I thought naturally I'm a bit scared to start pulling apart the dash on my pride and joy cheers!
  8. I never really liked white cars (probably because my white van is white and tatty and filthy) until I started seeing some nice clean white scoobs, I think the thing with them is that you can tell how well they've been looked after as it starts to show very easily, body work wise this is nearly mint apart from some minor de-laquering around the back window and a couple of tiny spits of rust
  9. Mine has one on it does look good, I think the guy who put it on didn't quite put enough glue on it as its a bit flappy but I don't want to cover my car in glue either It is one of those I take it?
  10. Mmmmmmmmm classics 😁 Nice car buddy and welcome! how come you want to respray it? Looks pretty tidy from the pics
  11. Got this on the Xbox don't know if you can get it on ps4 or not but it is highly addictive and proper good fun, you can also do split screen with mates which tops it off! anybody else got it?
  12. I thought exactly the same was hoping for something bearable but was god awful! Didn't even play one track before I deleted it
  13. I wish it was that easy seems to be a lack of scoobs over here and if people go decat they get rid of the cat because they don't get tested again, but I think I'd rather have a sports cat for peace of mind in case I do get pulled over and checked in future (yes I know I'm a little goody two shoes 😛)
  14. I think it was mapped for the exhaust as I got a receipt for JGM to remap it when it first came over but it was dyno'd last year and is pretty much standard power so I'm assuming it was just being set up for that exhaust. Also I don't think they actually do an emissions test they just check for a cat by the sounds of it but If I'm going to spend a decent amount for a high flow sports cat I might as well leave it on
  15. Hi guys so I tried putting my car through its test over here on the Isle of Man and one of the points it failed on was that it doesn't have a cat. so if I was to fit a sports cat would I need the car set up or will it run fine? seen one on jap speed for £250 I assume they're decent quality from there? cheers in advance
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