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1.5r Manual or 2.0RX automatic Impreza Hatch


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My Mate has his eye on a subaru r 2008 with 65k on the clock or a 2.0 rx automatic. , what should he check has been done to it??


Has anyone had either to advise what there like to drive. I have the 2.0 RX manual but not sure with the drop in engine size or gear box will be like to live with.



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why doesnt he try and find the same as you ? i also have a RX hatch and its not slow but its not overly quick if you know what i mean? I can imagine the 1.5 would be dreadfully slow compared :/ 


never owned or driven a auto impreza so cant comment :) 



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currently driving an RX auto - not driven the 1.5 but I would imagine it is quite slow in comparision to the 2.0.


Driving and handling is fine it rolls more than the STI I experienced before (no real surprise I suppose) putting XL tyres on improved things a little. The auto box gear changes could do with tweaking and I understand there is a 'pack' you can load to improve things as there are similar issues with the legacy auto box but am still waiting to hear from my local subaru stealer about that one


The auto is ideal for using the torque and grunt to drive in a smooth fashion but does not compare to spirited stirring of the manual box so dont buy the auto if you want to be doing spirited driving in that fashion - its just not that type of motor.


I does hold the road well and will cruise long haul with no issues at all (cruise control etc fitted)


flooring the throttle results in sustained high revs before changing gear but the 'pack' may resolve that.


I am considering changing the springs for standard STI ones to see if that stops the body rolling quite as much, but we are supposed to be letting the eldster inlaws use this so probably wont happen.


dunno if this helps really - probably the best option is let your mate drive yours as well as the other two options then point him at a 330s - some JDM inports come with auto boxes ;)  


edit - aa review


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