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Centre console light colour change??


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Hi Guys,


Just a quick one!


I'm wanting to change the colour of my centre console lights to red on my 07 STI. Was just wondering if anyone knew what the bulbs/LED's I need (T5's??) and if there is anything weird I should look out for? It looks simple enough to remove but just want to double check.


Thanks  :D



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The late 05 blob eyes which I have come with the same centre console as the hawks which contain smd LED's in the heater controls which means you either need to be very good with a very small tip soldering iron or take it to a business that handles smd boards that would be willing to change the led's for you, the only conventional LED's you can change with the t5's is the cigarette lighter and clock although I didn't bother with the clock as I removed it for a gauge installation. The centre console kits sold that you will mostly find which contain t5 LED's are for the bugeye and blobeye 03-04 only


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Heads up, hawkeye involves soldering. I just did the key ring and ash tray today though. Fairly easy. They're T5 size, highly recommend getting the wedge style (flat ones) without domes as I had to cut the dome away on the key ring one to fit it in. Still easy though. 😊

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