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HELP!!! Subaru WRX 1998 problem!

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Hi my name is Ben and I'm an owner of a Subaru WRX MY98 and it has a serious problem that is getting worse.

The problem started a few months back, I would take it for a drive and I would drive it how a Subaru is meant

To be driven, but after a cruise in the highway or a 10min drive once the car has been stopped at a traffic light and then I take of and the turbo starts to cut out, once the car hits boost it almost like stops it and makes a jerking affect to it and it's starting to do it in 1st gear and in take off but the strange thing is that if I pull over turn the car off and back on straight away the works good as new, so it's seems like a electric problem and it's getting worst so please help anyone who knows please let me know

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Well the car is highly modified what I know of the top of my head the car has bigger injectors, it's still running a td04 turbo with a turbo smart bov and little things here and there, and no there is no engine light and no I haven't done a self test for the ecu

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We have a guide on here in the how to section on how to read codes from the ecu. With a bit of what each code means. So please don't cut any wires haha.

But the two wires are under the steering wheel well in the drivers foot well above the pedals in the dash you put together to put the car in the right mode to read codes. I'm on my phone at the minute. When I get on the pc later I'll link you too the post if you don't find it before. :)

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