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Forester Ride Height at Rear / Down on one side


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I have a 56 plate 2.0 XE Auto Forester with 92000 miles on the clock which has self levelling rear suspension. A few weeks ago I noticed that it was sitting slightly lower to the OSR side. I measured the gap between the wheel arch and centre of the wheel on both sides and the difference was about 3mm. 


Took it to my local garage (not a Subaru dealer ) and they diagnosed a soft spring on that side. I was surprised at this and had thought before taking it in that perhaps the shock absorber on that side was leaking or faulty in some other way. On the subject of shock absorbers, the one on this side was replaced about 6 months ago. At the time I did not want to pay the £364 + VAT quoted by Subaru for this part and sourced a second hand one from another Forester which was being broken for spares. This one I fitted was in extremely good condition with no leaks.


Yesterday I had 2 new springs fitted as was aware that you should only fit as a pair. Again I did not want to pay Subaru's prices so sourced a pair from another manufacturer ( Lesjofors ) and at the time of purchase ensured that I had the correct ones for this vehicle bearing mind it has self levelling rear suspension.


To my disappointment and now with the two brand new springs fitted it is still sitting slightly lower as before.


Although in no way affecting the performance of the vehicle, I am just being a bit pedantic over this and wondered if anybody has either experienced this issue or can offer some advice or have an opinion


Any comments greatly recieved



Many Thanks




Brian Benjamin





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Hello &welcome,

Sounds a bit daft but have you checked the front shocks ?

I only say this as one of my front shocks was so dead that you could compress it by hand, the other had some resistance which was then making the ride slightly pitched to one side,

Failing that how do the rest of the suspension components look ? Bushes droplinks etc ?

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Have a look at this post & measure rear suspension accurately & on level ground, check front too & see if falls into serviceable height limits.


Issues with rear SLS tend to be internal in most cases so a perfectly healthy looking strut can be junk.

If need new you are best going for non SLS from KYB as they at bargain price at moment & use non SLS springs with them or if tow a lot or carry heavy load get custom springs with say +20mm and/or higher spring rate/progressive from springcoil.co.uk .

Prices for parts would not be more than £250 for both rear struts, boots/bumps & springs & KYB has 2 year warranty which a bonus over used SLS units.

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