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Should I?


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Hi all.

It seems that I may be joining your ranks soon, but before I do, I'd appreciate some unbiased advice.

I've just been to see a 2001 turbo 2000, I've posted the advert below.  It was dark, but as you can see in the pictures, it has some minor scuffs, but nothing a lick of paint won't fix.  Being in the dark it was impossible to know completely, but there were no knocks from the engine on startup from cold, no smoke that I could see, it idled perfectly and when warm there were still no knocks.  On a brief drive, it went well.  There was some minor hestation when I put my foot dwon, but the car hasn't been used much recently.  Its a perfectly standard car apart from a nice sounding exhaust.  No BOV, intake, boost controller etc.  Mileage is 82000 with a MOT from yesterday and cambelt done at 60000.

The onlt downside I can see is the fact that it is a Cat D.  This is due to a dent in the drivers side rear door and the trailing edge of the drivers door.  They both open, and there is no structural damage apparent.  The sill is straight and the upright seems fine.

He wants £1500 which is what I've been offered for my FTO.  Does this sound OK?  Could the hesitation be cured by a good run, or indicative of another problem?

I'd appreciate any advice.


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True, and thanks for the reply. The arches were all solid all the way under and over. The D doesn't really bother me that much, as I can always stick a new door on if I want it pristine. I'm more worried about the slight hesitate after throttle. It's tiny, but I noticed it. What I'm really after is - is this good value for an original unmolested car?

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Thanks, but there's no boost control, that's part of the reason I am interested. I think it's just me not being used to turbos! It's not been used properly for a while, but passed the MOT on Monday with no advisory.

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