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New STI Hatchback owner


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Hi guys, just introducing myself to the family... After hunting for a new car for a while I finally drive the WRX S and knew I wanted a hatch instantly. So after much searching I am the proud owner of a red STI hatch, 59 plate with 28k on the clock.

Having already modded a few cars I know it wont be long before she's a hole in my pocket ;)

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I'm having an absolute mare with it in all honesty... 1 day into ownership I had the EML come up on a cold start, turned out to be a valve on the secondary air injector (which I understand is common). So a can of WD40 sorted that anyway.

Now 10 days into ownership while I was parking I noticed the brake hit the floor! I'd always felt something wasn't quite right and wanted to do a bleed so this was definitely the time. Bled the brakes but this hasn't fixed the problem. With a test I have found stamping on the pedal works perfectly but soft 'normal' use just pushes the pedal to the floor with no effect, so I figured it has to be the master cylinder. 

I'm more than happy to save some effort and fix the car myself even though it came with a warranty but now there is some money involved in fixing it I have sent it away to be done. Today the garage has come to the same conclusion but problem is that no one can find a master cylinder! 

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