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Hi all,


I have had Subarus before and have located a very low mileage Impreza STI JDM 2007 with Twin Scroll turbo.? As all my cars have been UK Spec, I hold my hand up and say I know little if nothing about the JDM. The car is a 2 litre as opposed to 2.5 yet apparently is quick if not quicker than a UK Spec STI. I am aware of the problems with Ringland Failure on STIS, and this has put me off looking for a 'straight' , well maintained and Bullet proof 330S. Can anyone shed any light and advise pros and cons if any please.? Many thanks

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Welcome. First off the JDM models are higher spec than uk models. The 2.0 in the jdm is a much much stronger engine than the 2.5. the 330s will have the 2.5 so can suffer the same ring land issues.

Between the two i;d bve all over the JDM like  rash where as the 330's i'd be straight in for a set of pistons. While they dont all fail despite what somepeople claim, there track record is not good and personaly i wouldnt want to risk it.


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