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Dump valve advice

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Hi all

New to this site and wanted some advice on pro's/con's of fitting a dump valve.

Before you say "not this question again " the reason I ask is because whenever I search for the answer for this, it seems to vary between different model/year of car.

So I am looking only for advice from people who have fitted a dump valve to a 2007 impreza wrx please. 

My current mods are full afterburner vortex exhaust including high flow sports cat. K&n panel filter and Ecutek remap

Thanks in advance

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Hello & welcome

As you say it varies, classics dont really like them unless they have been accounted for in a remap,

New ages seem to take to them better, don't know if that's due to being a little more advanced ecu wise,

What type of dv were you looking at ?

May be worth trying it and see what the outcome is, some owners say the adjustable ones are best but others run stuff the the hks with no problems

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Hi stants,  thanks for the reply

I was looking at the forge motorsport one on scoobyworld as it is not too dear at £135 and the sound rating is not too loud.

I heard the hks ssqv is very well made but not too sure if that would be too loud

I do like the sound but don't want something OTT

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I was looking at the forge option for my STI - for all the good reasons, sound (thanks youtube)  build quality, it was a direct replacement for the existing one, you could have it as a recirc or VTA but also if I didn't like it I knew I could sell it on no problem because of it being designed to fit as a direct replacement no adapter plates or anything or issues with running / setup

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