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Thanks for the warm friendly welcome guys :) ! 

I have been a Subaru fan for years and now finally getting 1 I decided to join an owners club lol 


a lot of work has to go into my gx wagon but judging by the posts on here if I'm stuck I know I'm in safe hands lol 

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Haha that's better than nothing at all man :) 


i I have a slight issue... 

My gx was sold with a hole in the top plastic of the radiator I have tried to seal it with high temp sealer for a temp fix to get it from A to B and was just wondering if I could find another gx non turbo and just un clip the top plastic or if I need to buy a whole new radiator unit? 

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Thanks for the fast reply :) 

think I'll just get the aluminum rad from japspeed. Also I put new pads on the front both sides as it was an advisory but when I brake the hand brake light comes on any suggestions? 

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Aluminium rad from Jap speed way to go - the OEM Subaru ones can get pin holes which cause issues. The handbrake light on braking normally refers to brake fluid levels so I would check that first

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