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Type RA thermostat failure

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Hi guys I'm new to this forum side... but despritly needing some advise please from who ever can help...!!!

Last week I had the garage do a cam belt change with kit (pullys tensioners and water pump) also fitted was thermostat, spark plugs oil change 10/60 coolent change new maf sensor and new alloy rad costing me over 500 pound in parts.. all ordered from a reputable company in the motorsport world (won't give the company name atm !! ) 

Today the oil temp shot up to 130 degrees and the water temp shot up to 105 degrees.. I pulled over straight away and as I pulled over the engine cut.. I let the car cool down and attempted to start the car again and wouldn't start! Got myself towed back to the garage and they stripped the ft end of the engine is rad and cam cover to check first thought belt had slipped but no signs of slip and everything lined up!! Checked the water pump prepela and that was fine then took the thermostat out to fine that it was not working Jamed shut even in boiling water!! After looking things over it looks like this has caused catastrophic damage to the engine is it will need a rebuild 

So would I be right in saying because it's been caused by this brand new part failing I should be able to claim from the company who sold the part/ or maker of the part for damages caused under trading standard's laws..... 

Any help or opinions would b great thanks 😀 but feeling rather 😢😢 my poor baby!!!

Car is a Subaru Impreza Type RA classic 2000 with ej20 engine standard internals 86k running 330bhp tuned by scooby clinic .... and no problems before well looked after car show standard!!

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I will just stick in a low blow if clinic touched it ...... That's your answer lol 


Though the company might argue with whoever fitted it are they competent as you know they will try get out of it and I doubt they will compensate you unfortunately 

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