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BBQ's Bugeye


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Hello everyone!

Been registered for a while and thought i'd do a little write up on my car, the things ive currently done to it and the long term plan. I've always been a Toyota fan boy and never really knew anything about subarus. I was planning to supercharge my already heavily modified Corolla T Sport but i ran into issues and the aftermarket ECU i purchased (AEM EMS4) just wasnt working with the rolling road guys and it really killed my enthusiasm for the car. I then by chance got a nice supercar taster gift from my partner, this was the first time ive ever driven a scooby... turned up and there were the usual dads queing up for the ferraris and lambos but i saw at the back was a blobeye STI sat there with the engine running with no one even remotly interested in driving it. I took a punt and drove it and it was the best decision of my life! From that point i knew id be departing Toyota for a Subaru! I really like the V7 bugeye shape so got a sligtly ropey WRX as i wanted a new project car i could throw money at rather than doing something sensible with it haha. and so i now own a 2001 Bugeye WRX thats slightly modified.

The car when purchased was stock except for Look-a-like Prodrive OZ alloys, spoiler (not sure what type) remaped to 274bhp and some form of aftermarket exhaust. its a nice platform to build from as the car was cheap and looking a bit unloved.




First thing i did to the car was give it a full service and overhaul the brakes. 

- Millers 10w40

- Fuel filter

- HKS hybrid panel filter

- NGK PFR7B  plugs

- Magnetic sump plug

- castrol Syntrans 75w-90 gearbox oil

- oil coolant

- HKS oil filter

First thing i noticed about the car was that the brakes were a bit pants... So i swapped out the old discs for Mtec grooved and drilled discs with mintex pads. I used these discs on all my cars and never failed, last set were on for 3 years and covered 60k miles! I also changed all the brake callipes for brand new ones and upgraded the lines to Hel braided ones and changed the brake fluid to dot 5.1. So now the car can stop properly its time to do something else haha

Then i eventually got a new set of headlights, i tried my best to clean up the old ones with a machine polisher but i think they were too far gone.

Next i got hold of a JDM STI V7 scoop (atleast i think it is?) and a new STI style spoiler with brake light. These are currently in the paint shop and will be back on the car Friday where the car is also getting fully mopped and cleaned up for Japfest :D

So now the car can brake properly and looks the part its time to sort out the power... Its only running 274 with just a mapped td04 currently but the target is to get that to around 330-350 (howether long the 5 speed will last for!) ive installed an imported STI TMIC and have sat in the boot in a box 4x STI injectors and new walboro fuel pump ready to install on the weekend. The only thing im stuck with is what turbo to go for? I kind of like the idea of a hybrid td04 for the faster spool up but a td05 and vf35 are also nice.


Very sorry for banging on for ages! didnt mean to tell you my life story haha I've only got a few pants pictures at the moment but when the cars got the spoiler and scoop attached i'll take some better ones :) 

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Nice looking car keep up the good work glad to see another bug eye owner😊I, m currently caught with what turbo to go for everybody keeps saying get a v series 320 bhp easily achieved but after doing a lot of reading i,m thinking a andy forrest hybrid td04 should see 290 to 300 bhp and you must remove up pipe cat and I, m going to fit a 200 cell sports cat and from what I, ve read should be a very usable everyday power plant with good low down boost cheers Phil. ..hope someone with more experience can tell me i, m not talking rubbish..😂

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Thanks guys :) so a bit has happened in a few weeks. The cars booked in to have the turbo swapped for a VF30! seems right for the power i want and for the price im happy. Have also got hold of some pink injectors and a new RCM fuel pump.


JDM STI scoop and undertray are on the car and looks so much nicer! along with the STI spoiler im super pleased with how the car looks now, got a JDM intercooler spray kit too which i'll be installing on the weekend. Oh and i've also installed brand new headlights and Subaru badge which make the car look spot on! 


Car is booked for mapping with Duncan next Thursday, very excited :)

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