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Newbie 2L N/A to a 2.5 turbo swap advice needed


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Hey guys/ girls,
Its my first time posting on here so im going to start with hey! I owe several cars and for the life of me they just don't seem to stay stock longer than a week.

So with my on going learner drift car build I also thought it would be a good idea to have a reliable daily so I bought a 2.0 Na surbaru estate with low miles and a few minior mods. After a few minior repairs (Ive had the car 2 weeks now) I want more power. So much for a reliable daily yh??

If you made it this far this is where i need advice Im new to subaru and boxter engines..

I want to swap my slow 2.0 N/A ej20 engine for a 2.5 turbo from a forester with a bigger turbo and a live map :-)

Apart from the obvious turbo engine, loom and a mappable ecu, what else am i looking for to complete my swap? :-)

Cheers guys!!

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cooling system is different - lot more pipework involved same with intake as well intercooler etc.

either look at the power to weight ratio of your NA motor or chop it in for a turbo model as there are chassis changes also including brakes, thicker ARB's, I believe the springs on the turbo model are stiffer as well.

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