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Best place to buy?


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Hi guys and gals. 

Joined up a while back and thought I'd ask a rather simple question. 

Looking to get a blobeye impreza WRX. Wanting one that's been slightly modded, so exhausted, dump valve etc nothing ott. 

Where's best to find one of these gems? Autotrader is obviously not the spot neither seems pistonheads. I was thinking eBay but I'm on the fence worth buying cars from there. 

I'd rather buy from a member on here of course as I know it will have been looked after or even another subaru forum. 

Obviously this is my go to place as everyone has been helpful and there's loads of information. Anyway back to the point. 

Should I have a look on eBay or just keep hoping one will pop up on here within my price range? 



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A forum is as good a place as any - at least some members may be able to vouch for car, history etc but you can still run a risk

in this case Savage knew of this one - dont know if it is still available - it is a bug but a conversion could be considered sourcing parts from breakers etc to get the look you want on a sound motor?



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Welcome. I have got my last 2 Subaru's from eBay, both ok to buy from. Private sellers and ok. I do however take a Subaru specialist with me who gives them a look. If you or someone else knows the way around one this would give some reassurance. Good luck.

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