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Subaru Impreza Non Turbo (NA) Parts


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I've currently got a 51 Plate Subaru Impreza Wagon 2.0 4WD NA but can't seem to find any parts for it. I know people will say it's not worth doing but I can't get insured on a Turbo'd model because I'm 19.

Can anyone direct me to any?


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i had a 2.0 sport as my 1st n second scoobys,loved both but not the fastest car.i was told by firms you wont get much more then 20bhp with mods if your lucky so best way to go is probly a exhaust that help't a bit and a air filter,after that i would spend my money on the handling side and making it look sweet,if your interested i have a set of sti clocks with 79000 mile on them,blue dials and shift light in the rev counter, £40 posted :wink:  just remembered i have some sti blue door cars as well £40 posted :smile:

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Drive it, enjoy it. Work out what you want from it, probably lowering, exhaust and a panel filter, then if it was me I'd focus on the in car side and maybe a couple of cosmetic bits (I'd avoid going for a wrx/sti rep tho, I find it just baits attention then you'd get overtaken by a 1.6 corsa)

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