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Paint Imperfections


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Hi guys,


Will/should be buying an STi this week, a nice upgrade from my MR2 turbo, and I'm wondering if I can ask for a bit of advice. 

There's a PPP STi for sale, 68k mileage, FSH, just had clutch and cambelt done, including brake pads too. Mechanically it's sound. However, the dealer has told me the car has a few 'paint imperfections'. I have attached these to the post, and I'm wondering if anyone could tell/advise me on where and roughly how much I could get it sorted.

Most of the pics are just simply age related marks that don't seem to bad. It's a 12 year old car at the end of the day, and I'm not one for niceties, but I'm thinking this could be a bargain if priced right. Apparently some are smart repairs that have been poorly done, contamination has got under the paint and caused some !Removed! spots of shitties on the car. The dent has been taken care of, but what my main concern is the front bumper with what looks like a black line(for reference). 

Would I need the whole front bumper resprayed (if I want it done nicely), and if so, how much roughly from your past experiences?

Thanks for your time if you choose to reply.









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Hello & wlecome,at the end of the day like you say they are mainly age related marks, least all the big jobs are bing done before you buy it

The line looks like it may even buff out with the right equipmmet/products

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Welcome Jack!

@david1972 Ill second that, bought some after your comments post fence incident and it works well on scratches. 


Id be surprised if they had to do the whole bumper tbh!  I had my old Vectra with similar done and they just did the one end which looked fine.  The dink looks like more than can be pulled, from the photo, so might need a bit more work. 

If all else fails I just put a sticker over it :kicking:

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Haha, thanks for the replies guys.

The dent has already been dealt with, so it's just the road rash at the bottom of the doors and the front bumper that needs seeing to. All in all could be sorted for less than a grand and the car is up for 7980. If I can get it for less than 7500 I think it would be worth it.

On a side note, do you think that if someone has a blobeye STi up for sale for 6750 that it is too cheap? Part service history up to 62k miles (is on 78), MOT in October and has said he's done the clutch and front discs himself. Looks good from the pics, but is it too cheap?

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