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New Old Forester owner from sunny Cork


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Hi folks, have had a gap of a few years but back to Forester world with a SG 2004 2.0X. Previously had SF 2.0 and 2.0 turbo. Liked both cars but fuel consumption was nearly as rapid as turbo. I too have a few questions. Changed oil and filter at weekend and also rear diff oil. Was planning to do transaxle and front diff but got confused! Can see a torx drain plug, presumably for transaxle (gearbox) but is there a second drain for front diff? Also, I don't appear to have a dipstick at left side of air filter housing where manual says I should have one? What am i missing? Where would i fill transaxle? What about level? Is there a level bolt to establish correct level if not fitted with a dipstick? Not sure if diff and transaxle are combined on my manual? Anyone got any advice or images to help out? Its a EJ201 engine. Cheers ears.

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Wow, that is one awkward location. Couldn't even remove it except with a combination of 2 hands in the only 2 gaps that my hands fit in. Will have to use a tube to refil when changing unless air filter box fully removed. They should have fitted it on passenger side where there's acres of room. Not to worry, least I found it.

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