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de cat pipe

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well.......what i thought looked a 10min job turned into a 2 hour job!!!

1.the biggest issue was removing the heat shield surrounding the turbo to the front pipe flange. the heat shield is held on with 10mm bolts and you will probably snap a few taking these off like i did. i didnt bother refitting the heat shield...mainly because i had to cut it in half to remove it!!!i removed the brake fluid resovoir 2x10mm bolts just for more space to work.

2.when the heat shield is removed there are 5x14mm bolts and nuts to be removed from the turbo to front pipe. they are best to be removed from the top of the engine,i tried to access them from below with a long extension and a "wobbly" but there is limited space.

3.the front catpipe is also bolted to the car in 2 places these must be removed. i had access to a ramp so pretty straight forward 13mm bolts.

4.detach the o2 sensor straight from the plug..remove the 2x13mm nuts and bolts that join the cat and centre section.then remove the full catpipe and remove the o2 sensor from the cat(22mm).

5.refit the o2sensor to decat pipe fit new gasget to the turbo and align the decat. when fitting the new decat there is alot more space to access the bolts to the turbo from under the car. tighten the 5x14mm bolts and nuts to the turbo..fit the gasget to centre section and refit decat 2x 17mm bolts i used. and plug the o2 sensor back in. refitted reservoir and turned the key........

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well the position of  the trumpet for a start and where the pipe connects to the valve could be better designed. again this was another nightmare to fit!!not as bad as the decat though haha maybe my fingers were too fat!?!?!?! 

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ive took the wee bolts out the top and turned it so all good for now.... not gettin the car back till 2moro now!!! was lookin forward to seein the difference with the remap!! gearbox sensor needs done now aswel!!!

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