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Apexi ecu tuning near Peterborough

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Hi all,

 I've got a simple question.

ive got a 1997 version 3/4 wrx sti Jdm Impreza.

nice low Km's & was a standard 280 bhp import.!

its been a couple of years in the garage being fitted with goodies, 

fmic,walbro,blitz nur spec, full stainless exhaust manifold, uprated exedy clutch etc...

but ive now hit a wall as

i fitted the apexi power fc inc hand controller and the  apexi Avcr with map sensor.

i now need this engine mapped but I'm having an awful time getting someone to map it....

i have a few orange maf sensors, I've got 3 of these in total now!

I also got the Nissan 300zx maf which I've been told is a better choice with the apexi.

So I tried some mappers local but no joy even when I spoke to a garage they weren't interested.

ideally i want the car on rollers but nowhere local.

so please any advice and prices would be great.

I would even considering trailering it too...


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Hi Matt 


It was  zen performance  in Northants ,They also who advised me on the maf sensor. I was going to use them but wanted to find somewhere closer if possible.

I don't want to run the risk of driving it until it's mapped.

I've had companies that will come and install a generic style map on it,

I don't want that as its not a true map for this engine with what it's had.

I've now got hold the fc-hako kit  & the innovate mtx-l wideband controller so I could do the mapping myself 😳!

but I'm not clever enough to map so I'll stick to my auto electronics.!



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