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Fishing for a Legacy 2005 2.5 petrol


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Hello everybody!

My name is Adrian and I kindly ask you for an advice. I want to change a car and Subaru Legacy is so far no.1 on my radar. I’ve never driven one, never owned one also none of my friends has it therefore I would like to ask you guyz for some help. I am interested in estate, petrol, 2.5, manual or auto – no difference to me as I use my privet car for motorways mainly. Every year I take few +2k miles trips on the continent and I really enjoy German motorways where the fun starts above 100mph. At the moment I have Vectra C with the strongest diesel engine so you can guess that I like to cruise on their highways in a speed range of 100-120mph. I don’t need any extra emotions than that, elsewhere and on the local roads I always drive within limits but I would like to have a car that I can trust more on the bends and during a bad weather. Also I want a 4wd. Last winter I went through Germany during the night with few inches of snow on the road covering all the lines. I had a brand new winter tyres so I felt comfortable but that was the moment I realised I want a 4wd.

So... I don’t know anything about Subaru at all. I came across Legacy as I’m looking for an estate and immediately felt in love with it. Looks like its a perfect car for me so I’m gonna do some viewings soon  as I want to make a switch in the summer and get my new car ready for the winter.

Please advise me regarding the petrol engines (I don’t want diesel this time). I aim at 2005/6 year.  What are the common issues at what mileage, what should I be looking for during the viewings? I heard that theres a valves regulation required every 50k or so and 2.0/3.0 engines have to be pulled out but not the 2.5 so that service on 2.5 is easier, quicker, cheaper - is that true?

Any clue is more than welcome as I don’t know the car at all.   

Thank you for any piece of advice.


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Wotcha and welcome - can't help too much with leggy advice but sure someone will be along in a bit with the info, I do know from forum discussions the gearbox on diesel cars can be subject to premature bearing failure due to inaccurate alignment on assembly so opting for the petrol motor should see you right. I belive the 2.0 engines tend to be on the non turbo motors. No heard about the valve clearance check?

50k should have seen the cambelt changed so ensure that has been completed.

Keep us posted on your progress :thumbup1:

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If your budget stretches to it, how about a 3.0l petrol auto....pretty much bullet proof if serviced regularly and plenty of grin factor.

Chain driven too, so no cam belt change to worry about. A 55 plate will fall into the lower tax band too.

Owned my outback for nearly 2 years now and loved every minute

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Thanks for the info guys!

Yes, a 3.0 petrol Outback looks so far the best to me – that extra power, the chain, and also plate 55 – I’ve noticed that with tax.Thats exacly where my budget reaches :-D If I find one with automatic gear and good mileage Id go for it.

So far I found one outback, 2.5 petrol that I’m very interested in but 3.0 looks more tempting J

And I decided to look for Outback rather than Legacy - seems a bit tougher.

Now is hunting time.

Thank you for your hints guys!

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my 55-plate 3.0r petrol auto outback - it's being traded in this weekend in Yorkshire, so probably a bit soon for you. 81k full history

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