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oil pressure light

Uncle Tashie

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Evening peeps!!!!


so today started ****, woke up late, rushed around like a bull in a china shop getting ready for work, grabbed my keys and jumped in the car.


switched her on, waited for the pump to finish priming, and started her up. noticed the oil light was flickering away so instantly turned her off, waited for a couple of minutes then tried her again, same way i did the first time, ingnition on, let the pump prime, engage started. she sprung into life just as before came up on the cold start, oil light still glowing dimly, opened the door to see if i could hear any knocking but nothing, decided i'd leave her where she was and take the van to work instead as i didnt want to risk damaging her internals anymore than possibly whats happened already. 


tried to search for a wiring diagram for the oil pressure wiring but all i can find on wiring seems to be audio wiring, seems alot of people want to change the speakers...........


could anyone help me either by putting up a link or picture of a pin out diagram that shows the loaction of connects and the like.


she is a 2003 wrx blob wagon/hatch 


cheers for any help


uncle tashie

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very fast way to see if its the wiring, pull the plug off the sensor this should remove the earth signal the sensor gives when pressure is low.  make sure the plug (single wire) is safe and not touching, start the car up as usual and if the light still flickers then u have a wiring issue if not either the sensor is faulty or you have low oil pressure

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