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  1. Thanks savage I shall keep that in mind. Oh and your powder coating looks mint! Do you find much difference with the h-brace ? Also I fitted these today
  2. As always savage you are life saver spent all night yesterday research and was left with a bigger headache then when I started. Thanks mate much appreciated 🙌
  3. Yes but not the funds 🤔. I might see what my options are see what fits. Any ideas guys?
  4. Looks ok. Have you a pic off the pump sometime the resvoir comes loose
  5. Have you tried Green Light they insure modified cars I pay £360. Full cover
  6. Blow up 3rd gear 😂 too much boost apexi power fc and 3 port boost controller works well on the plus side 🤔
  7. Just in case anyone is interested you can remove the rails on a classic wagon without taking the headliner out. You pop off the blanking plates and unbolt them. So the problem is you need new roof trims, after a bit of research to trims from a non turbo gl wagon can be used. So now I'm looking through breakers yards for some.
  8. Anyone removed the roof rail from a classic wagon or know where I can get some trim because of the holes left behind.
  9. So it's been a busy couple of weeks put a new engine in the Scoob and had an MOT with my fingers and everything else crossed 😅. Here's a few pics. Added some nice bits and bobs aerocathes, rad cap, forged header tank. But sadly need to take the gearbox out looks like I caught the rear main seal so slight oil leak. But she's coming along slowly.
  10. Been cleaning up my spare engine and inspecting it
  11. So the other day I had an impulse buy on the eBay, think a lot of us have experienced that 😅. Long story short I over boosted in 5th flat out and suspect I may have lifted a head and pressurised the cooling system it's very mild. So I cut the stat out and have been collecting parts for a head rebuild. How ever I found a running engine on eBay from a v1 auto with 70k ish miles. It was too cheep to ignore even for parts, so the plan is to drop it in and do a proper rebuild on mine when I take it out. I got it for £150 the starting bid. Didn't appear to be listed well and it was a young mans and it was getting in the way so it was sold via what I believe to be his parents eBay. It came with the engine stand, 5lts mobile 1, both manifolds, pas pump, altinator, new ngk plat 7s and a new upppipe.
  12. Thanks savage. I may jinx it but the old wagon will always be with me even if it lives in the garage.
  13. Agreed. I got them off a guy on face book £100 delivered with discs and pads all nearly new and the calipers had new seals in them. They needed a good clean and a paint
  14. Yeah they do that lol what do you think off the wheels? Oh yeah and I put 4pots on a few weeks ago.