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  1. Yeah it's a Mac 3port. Holds the boost fine now. So the apexi is correcting for the extra boost. I'll turn it down. That's why I put the fozzy box in apparently stronger only aiming for 320bhp Thanks for the input @savage bulldogs really help with my basket case off a car 😂
  2. Found the problem. Boost is fine 18psi but is hitting 100% duty on the base map that comes with the power fc. So I'm guessing that the fc model is for a sti as the code on it is ej20g just don't want to run it lean. I'll check the plugs tomorrow
  3. @savage bulldogs Yeah I even labelled everything just to make sure. That's unlike me lol. I've reset the ecu back to base tune and it's just want to hit 22psi constantly and I hit 100 percent injector duty. I have only got 330cc's I at the moment was trying to feel it out but I guess I could reset and throw my 440cc's. The apexi learns a little with the factory narrow band from my understanding could be way off though.
  4. Got my new to me turbo in boost feels really laggy but hit pretty hard. Problem is the apexi seems to be wanting all the boost 25+psi and can't seem to turn it down on the hand held. Finished the car at 3am now at work for the day. So not really had a chance to look into it.
  5. Whipped the blown turbo off it's created it's own strange sticky substance leaking out the back and is most definitely ceased.
  6. It could just extra flow but seems unlikely as they are electrically controlled duty cycles. That's just a theory. Still waiting on a turbo it's annoying because the Scooby is my daily. I never thought a td05 would be so hard to locate.
  7. Glad you're getting to the bottom of it.
  8. That would be awesome thanks @savage bulldogs. Vf22 are too expensive in excess of £300 so I'm going to get mine rebuilt for £400 so at least it will be new. But in the meantime while I'm saving money for my engine build just want a td05 seem to be under £200 and I can rebuild them to keep the car on the road to enjoy the nice weather.
  9. @savage bulldogs I know the feel8ng just got mine running fantastic then it $hits it's self. If you know of any turbos give me a shout pls. Have you still got the old loom you could try that out see if it changes anything. Or perhaps an earth, but I'm sure I'm tell8ng grandma how to suck eggs 😉.
  10. That's a really stunning car I think the hatches are one of the best looking.
  11. @savage bulldogs I might as well get a 16g then for the time being as they are half the price of a vf and will do the job. You could always turn up the boost until it stops running rich 🤔. How rich is it and when does it occurr? Do you think the new loom caused it?
  12. Looking good @savage bulldogs hopefully you find the issue. What's a td05 like? I've been looking at a few they're really cheep. My vf22 was lovely the sound as it spools down when you switch off the engine. No idea what to pit in now want something that can do 400ish because I'm building my spare engine up. There's a lot of td05 20g turbos on the bay might grab one.
  13. Haha @savage bulldogs I get the "can we go out for dinner", I'm like "maybe next week" 😂. Just got back from a drive my turbo now sounds funny and it's not boosting very well do I stoped for feul it ran fine boasting great again then after a hard pull it did it again I guess it's trying to cease.
  14. Been painting and trying to tidy the bay got the bug now 😅. So fitted a newer ps pump with a lick of paint. The old fluid was so rough safe to say it's never been changed. My fault I've just overlooked it.
  15. Fitted my rocker covers with a new gasket set from ICP and ditched the leaky japspeed rad for another alloy one