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Really bad play on the wheel

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Hi all

New here and after a bit of advice. I've just picked up my 2006 WRX (also my first one!!!) and ive noticed a real bad problem on the steering. Any speed over about 15/20 the car starts to pull left and then right really quickly (it actually feels like the tyres are pulling it left and right) and it also feeds back to the steering wheel... once you get above 40mph its impossible to drive... its constantly pulling left then right quiet violently...

I took it back to the garage and they thought it was the tyres so they replaced all 4 and its still doing it... arguably even worse now!!

They're not sure what the problem is at this point and I need to wait until Monday until I can hear back from them but I was wondering what you guys thought it might be so I can feedback some ideas to them??

Many thanks all!


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hi mate

the balance was checked as it had all new tyres on and they double checked it... i have noticed however on the way home that as i turn corners (both left and right) the problem seems to diminish to the point its hardly there (if at all?!) could this factor into anything??

cheers :) 

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Yeah sounds like the tracking is out. One wheel likely has more toe in than the other so instead of running parallel you have one wheel straight and the other pointing in. The reason that would pull your steering is when the wonky wheels "takes control" of the direction the front wheels are going. When you turn a corner the outside wheel is the strongest controller of direction so the inside wheel has little choice but to follow the direction. Have you noticed any squeeling or tyre rubbing during corners? Bit of a mess trying to describe it but basically have the tracking checked.

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nteresting point #2... after someone asked about if the "vibration" was in the wheels or the steering wheel i popped out again, and at 25mph once it started shaking i took my hands of the wheel, i couldn't feel the movement in the car! just see the steering wheel moving... then i started to feel the type of "movement" its almost as if the power steering was trying to always correct its self, and i think its only worse at speed because.. well... im going faster and i think its naturally exaggerated...

it also goes when im turning the wheel... this makes me wonder... is it a power steering issue??

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