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Compression test uk turbo 2000

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What Is the average cylinder compression results for a Impreza uk turbo 2000 with 100.000 miles ?

Cold test on an engine I have is:

1...125 psi

3...115 psi

2...140 psi

4...140 psi

They all seem a bit low to me and cylinder 3 looks really low, probably below 8 bar.

I did a test a few weeks ago using another tester but it has now been binned because it was giving faulty reading on a few cars. 

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Took me ages to work out how to upload a video of the sound my engine is making. My kids say its because Im getting old :)

But Listen to the engine tone when holding it at 2500 rpm. It does not sound proper to me 


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I don't know the answer off the top of my head but did some googling as I'm working night shift (hee haw else to do!) and it seems a normal pressure is somewhere in the high 130's to 140's and all the cylinders should be within in around 7 - 10psi of each other. So I would say cylinders 1 & 3 are def down on compression.

So maybe the start of a head gasket on its way out? 

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I think its best to pull the engine and do a rebuild. I should have done this a couple of years ago but I became unwell and garaged the car. Now I am fighting fit the car is getting sorted properly, It will be a modern classic by the time I have finished it lol.:rolleyes: 

I will probably do the build topic when I have the time because I have loads of photos of the old scoob with all the work I am doing, Its just not a cheap car to work on so It takes a bit of time.

I already have the rear bumper off and the bar that is supposed to hold it on is rotten so I need to source out that, then a couple of small repairs to the rear sills and rear arches. Cut out and replace then wax oil.


Tidgy do you hear anything wrong with the engine through exhaust ? 


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