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Low Idle Speed


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Yesterday my speedo stopped working. I switched off and restarted and speedo started working again but ever since noticed my idle speed drops to almost/complete stall.

If you wait at a junction in gear (Auto) then after a few seconds the revs rise back to 600-700. If you go into N or P then rise back to 600-700 almost straight away I have reverted to left foot braking to keep the revs up to stop revs dropping right away. ( I have plugged into code reader but nothing stored). Any ideas ?  I read somewhere if Battery disconnected then sometimes this happens but I have not disconnected mine. I wonder if the speedo not working for a moment is linked?


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I'm unsure as I've never worked on a auto . on the pre 00 impreza it's a on the same side as the dipstick but a bit further back (black plug in this pic)


On the o4 sti 6 speed it's located closer to the dip stick .

On the classic manuals there's only 3 electronic things attached to the box .... earth , reverse sensors (black n white plugs) and the speed sensor.

Sorry I couldn't be of much help

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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