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Possible upgrades

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So, the time has come (not long!) for me to seriously think about a few modifications! 

Going to start off with the brake discs/pads & 4 wheel alignment.. What do people recommended for discs & pads? 

Secondly, in terms of power modifications, what's the first few things to upgrade? Re map straight away? Or is there other things that need doing first? Already got a prodrive back box an STi intercooler. 

The car is a bugeye WRX wagon. 

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Consider a deresonated centre section, or a less restricted system depending on noise level. If you know your mot tester 😜you could decat the downpipe and uppipe to allow free exhaust flow. Look into a panel filter to help pre turbo breathing. And a fuel pump 😆😆😆 If you're on a td04 turbo that's pretty much all you need to reach the maximum safe limit of the turbo. Next would be bigger turbo and possibly injectors. Once all that's done, then remap 😈 Hope this helps

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That helps a lot mate! Looking for an MOT tester who is also a Subaru specialist, but I put a separate post up for that 😊 keeping the stock turbo for the time being, as I'd rather get the suspension/control arms replaced & uprated first, in order to make sure the power can actually be handled! But the centre pipe definitely sounds like a good place to start 👍

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