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2008 Impreza RX ( price drop )

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So the time time has come for me to part with my lovely 2008 impreza rx. Il be sad to see her go she's been an absolute dream to own and drive for the last 18 months and has never let me down.  

2008 subaru impreza RX (non turbo) 
56.000 miles ( daily car so will rise ) 
Suabru sat nav
Subaru premium speakers ( i think from research ) 
Sti bonnet
Sti rear bumper
Sti spolier
Sti 4 exit exhaust 
18" OZ prodrive alloys with pirelli tires all round

New discs and pads all round August 2015 

MOT is March/april 2017 from memory

HPI clear but feel free to check yourselves. 

was fully serviced at the same time at the cost of £250. 

Car is a really nice example, its not 100% on the outside there are a few scratches and couple paint chips but were mostly on the car when i purchased it. 

The body work on the car i would say is 7/8 outta 10 there are a few scratches and paint chips but if im totally honest they havnt really bothered me. The wife put a small dent in the front passenger alloy. 

Engine and gearbox both strong and good working.. one thing i will note is that 1st can be hard to engage first thing in the morning but after it warm up its perfect. 

Interior of the car is near perfect, no rip or sags on the seats and never smoked in! 

PM me on here for more info 

Location: somerset

Looking to buy/swap for a Toyota Glanza V but cash price for this Id like £6250ono Open to serious offers! 

No test drive unless money is in hand and ive seen proof of insurance, Dont want to seem harsh but i can't risk losing everything should the worst happen! 




























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Where you located gambit? Its a lovely car and would love it to go to a forum member :) may still be here if she does sell hers, good cars are worth travelling for 👍 

Im after a toyota glanza V next...cheaper to insure, and has a nice little turbo lol wish i could insure a real impreza but cant 


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I live near louth mate about 4 half hours away :blush: She's seen another one in Middlesbrough thats a bit closer to me  :laugh: But I think she's starting to eye up the non turbo ones too she really wants a WR1 but that's not happening she's still got to pass her test. And she's started to hate the clio as much as me now but that's probably because I've done nothing but take the Pi$$ out of it :laugh:

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Id hate on the cilo to 😂😂 your wifes got good taste wr1 is a good choice but insurers wouldnt let her near one! 🖕 

If the one near you doesnt plan out please get in contact as a deal could struck :) can send more pics and videos if needed for anyone intersted Just drop me your email address 



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yeah she's got expensive taste and so have I it doesn't help :laugh: But I know she wants her own scoob for local meets and doing the show's. For some reason she feels she get's left out or the other guys don't take her serious when she tells them about how to fix parts that sh'es learned from me :laugh: Sh'es only just started looking at them she's failed twice and I think having a scoob would give her the kick up the arse she needs to do it again. Booked another test for her but she keeps putting it back. The last test guy was a tester for HGV so I found out and hates cars and doing the test and from what Stacey told me he was a real prick. she stalled at a roundabout first test which is a fail. and got 6 minors after that. 2nd test something daft like 12 minors and one serious funny enough after I've just been slagging  Audi drivers off in another post n here it was an Audi that caused it. parked car's ether side of the road Honda flashes to say it ok come first so she started to go the Audi shot from behind the Honda coursing the road to now be blocked for all she's now got car's behind her, and it left her blocking a road too so that was her major. 

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Not sure how it works up your end up here the best time to take your driving test is the first 10 days of the month... each tester has a quota of fails they must make so at the end of each month they fail more to get there target! Prick thing i know but its true! 


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