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Lots of white / grey smoke coming out of exhaust when idling.

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Hi guys. I'm starting to get a little worried & paranoid now, so thought I'd see if anyone could rest my mind.. 


I gave my WRX an oil change last week. And oil filter & air filter. I put Millers CFS 10w40 fully synthetic racing eng oil in, which is expensive and supposed to be very good. I have noticed now that once the engine has first warmed up, if I'm sitting at traffic lights etc on idle, I can suddenly see lots of smoke. I realised last week that its my car. It's not blue. It's white / grey. Smells strong (racing smell). It really fires out for a while. But it does it a few times, after 20 minutes driving or so, it won't do it anymore. It also doesn't do it when, only was on idle. :/ any ideas? 


Thanks guys 

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OK cheers mate. I think it might be turbo on its way out though. It smells like burning oil, thinking turbo bearing / seal going. Letting oil through exhaust. it seems hesitant sometimes (turbo) boost. I might get it looked at. :-) thanks again.

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