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New member proud but confused


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Recently purchased a WRX sti 320r and I love it. It's my first Subaru and a bit of a step up in performance from my old Dicovery 3 which served me well for 9 years.

however the WRX has a zunsport front bumper which my drive does not like and this morning managed to snap the lowest part of the bumper assembly. Can these parts be replaced/removed without causing much stress?

should I also go for a factory front bumper replacement or find a new zunsport part? I have already told the missus we need to move because the drive damaged the car! 

Help and guidance appreciated.


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Looks like they are push pin connectors but will have to jack the car up tonight to have a look and either remove what's left or try and clip it for now. What I don't want to do is damage the bumper if I can help it. 

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Thanks Jay762, most of them are pushpins but there's about 6 screw/washers as well. Sadly when the splitter ground out it snapped the bumper around two of the screws where a pushpin would have popped out. I've managed to put a temporary fix in to hold the splitter in place until I can fix the drive, get a new bumper and splitter and then get it repaired. 

Also worked out that if I revers off the drive it doesn't ground! Doh! 


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