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Full suspension bush kit


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Hi all,

I'm considering replacing the suspension bushes on my 2004 2.0XT (model SG5BK5D if that helps?) as there are a few clunks and squeeks that are starting to annoy me.

I've seen this kit - http://www.strongflexuk.co.uk/subaru/forester/sg-02-08/full-suspension-bush-kit.html#.V5XKz6J1l-5

having taken some parts off in the past, I think it would be wise to replace all nuts and bolts as they come off, having looked through the suspension pages here:


I think i will need the following parts along with the bush kit:

Front Suspension:

2 x 9 - 20207AA000 - Nut, Self locking
2 x 12 - 202165A000 - Bushing (hopefully included in bushing kit)
2 x 8 - 20126SA010 - Stopper-Transverse link rear bushing
2 x 14 - 20126SA000 - Stopper - Transverse rear bushing - Front
2 x 2 - 901000264 - Flange Bolt
2 x 5 - 902350006 - Self locking nut

Rear Suspension:

2 x 25 - 20540AA080 - Bolt B-Transverse Link
4 x 12 - 902350006 - Self locking nut
2 x 17 - 901000109 - Flange bolt
2 x 19 - 20540AA000 - Bolt Lateral Link Outer
4 x 24 - 900335056 - Washer
2 x 26 -20251AA000 - Bush A-Lateral Link (hopefully included in bushing kit)
2 x 31 - 20550AA010 - Nut - self Lock

Can anyone confirm if my list will work? If there is anything else i should add or anything I wont need?

End game is having a tight non squeeking Forester. That wont be a PITA to put back together or take apart again if required.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.


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other thing review is drop links, they make a lot of clunky noises on bumpy or wavy road surfaces when worn, Meyle HD do decent robust drop links at sensible price.

Some squeaks could be struts such as front top mounts or coil spring base rubber pads corroded/fallen-out so worth a look while you in the area.

front nuts & bolts tend be better than look & easily cleaned up, rear can be different story but most are reusable, an anti-seize paste makes future work hassle free ...

Do follow strongflex/polybush guide on lubing bushes correctly as polybushes can squeak real bad ...

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Double posted so thought would edit & make it bit useful .

Meyle HD drop links (front & rear not sided, same part number does left or right) - links>




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Thanks Mr B, my drop links were fairly new from replacing the rear ARB, So I have reused them.
A lot of the nuts and bolts at the back were a total nightmare, the bushings had seized to the transverse link bolt which was the worst.
Seems to be about a day a corner at the moment just due to the amount of angle grinding and fighting to remove the old bushes and bolts.

I had forgoten a set of flange bolts for the rear, so am waiting for them to arrive now to finish off the back.
Then i need to have 6 or 7 stiff drinks to steady my resolve and then start on the front.

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Rear can be slow going & not pretty work when everything seriously corroded solid, long hub bolt to lateral links being common rear annoyance .

On the plus side, front is dead easy in comparison, normally no heavy corrosion on fittings unless real unlucky ...

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